Real Conversations: Having the Courage to Transition with Awareness The coronavirus pandemic has shifted our priorities and reshaped our lives. Collectively we have experienced an unpredictable life transition where many of us have found ourselves reexamining who we are and what we want.  

CreativeCubes.Co realises, while the ease of restrictions is on the horizon, impending change can be daunting. We wish to equip our network and the broader community with the resources to help you feel empowered and confident in entering the 'next transition'.
Join us on the 14th of May at 8:00 pm as part of our new fortnightly live-streamed interactive series Real Conversations. This weeks conversation is centred around having the courage to transition with awareness, with leadership coaches Karen Williams and Nardia Joy as we explore a thought-provoking discussion on the notions of redefining self, mindset, personal growth, and career through self-awareness.

 Karen Williams is a transformational trainer, coach, speaker and author. She helps successful leaders create and experience a life of fulfilment beyond success while supporting organisations to build cultures of accountability, collaboration and alignment through trust.

Nardia Renney is a leadership coaching business based in Melbourne. Nardia offers bold and brave founders and leaders in business and their management teams, the opportunity to grow and transform the way they lead and work together. The guiding values and principles of Nardia's consulting style are truth, love, integrity and alignment.