"The District Docklands is getting a glow-up this November as it launches Imaginaria 2020 –  a magical "future play experience". In layman's terms, Melbourne, you're getting a giant, glowing, otherworldy all-ages playground to explore this summer.

Running from 26th November until 31st January and with limited tickets available, this will be an hour long walk-through experience where imagination and technology collide to create a visually stunning audiovisual play experience from the future.

Imagined by:
Creative Director: Nick Ennis
Producer: Lucy & Nick Ennis / Loose Collective
Touring & Operations Partner: Unique Attractions
Project Architect: Victoria Punturere
Sculptural design : Steve Howden
Audiovisual team: Projection Teknik & Joli.vision
Physical installation design: Freddy Osler
Branding & Website : Brands to Life"

Find out more here: https://www.imaginarianow.com

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